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Intervention Projects

The intervention project gives students finishing their program the opportunity to realize a specialized project on a topic defined by MX. The student will be supervised by an employee of MX and by the Director of his/her program or research center.

The intervention project will be integrated in a research or study program, specifically a Masters in finance, financial engineering, mathematics, actuarial, economics or distance learning (e-learning).

  • The intervention project is not remunerated.
  • The intervention project does not necessitate the full-time attendance of the student at MX (attendance is required at the meeting defining the project, for follow-up activities, for data collection and for the final presentation of the project to a team of MX).
  • MX retains all the intellectual rights on all studies arising from an intervention project.

Here are some examples of specific topics targeted during intervention projects:

  • Existing products of MX (hedging efficiency and market liquidity analyses).
  • Products in development or new products introduced in the market (international benchmarking, analyses on the product implementation for the Canadian market, pricing models, hedging strategies, engineering of new products).
  • Macro-economic topics related to politics, strategies, market models of MX, demand analysis or other related analyses.
  • Topics on teaching tools such as on-line courses (project defined by the Derivatives Institute).
  • Topics on the channels of communication of remote education (e-learning) and teaching technology (project defined by the Derivatives Institute).
  • Topics on statistics measuring students' behavior in e-learning (by data collection and data-mining) (project defined by the Derivatives Institute).

The intervention project constitutes a first-rate experience in a dynamic company at the heart of the Canadian financial and economic activity. Interested persons can apply for a project intervention at any time.

The application must be sent with:

  • a cover letter,
  • a resume,
  • a letter of reference from the program director, and
  • a recent transcript of marks.

The application for an intervention project must be sent to:

Bourse de Montréal Inc.
Research and Development
1800 - 1190 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal
P.O. Box 37
Montréal, Quebec
H3B 0G7, Canada

Selection criteria

A first selection of candidates will be done according to their records (information form, cover letter, resume, letter of reference, academic results). Motivation, academic results and pertinent educational background of the candidates are the main criteria on which the selection will be performed.

Candidates will be selected following an interview.