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The Canadian Derivatives Market still remains a mysterious topic amongst the student community. In addition, the graduate and undergraduate curriculum are mainly geared towards the understanding of the theory around financial derivatives rather than the importance of proper application. Although theory is essential to understanding the core principles behind derivatives trading, it serves better in complement with practical implementation relevant to today's financial world. The Montréal Exchange therefore has an opportunity to collaborate with the various universities in the Province of Quebec and to offer its expertise in the Canadian derivatives market as a complementary educational tool.

University partnership objectives

  • Increase its visibility amongst the student community in order to position the Montréal Exchange as a centre of excellence in the Canadian derivatives market.
  • Collaborate to the learning experience of students enrolled in Finance by providing information related to the derivatives products offered in Canada, how they are used daily by market participants and the overall activities of the Montréal Exchange as a central financial exchange.
  • Support and encourage the development of talented and skilled employees interested in a career in the derivatives market.

Benefits for universities

  • Offering to the student community a national perspective on the financial industry and the Canadian derivatives industry.
  • Rely on local expertise in order to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Expose students to the various employment opportunities available in the Canadian derivatives market.

Suggested activities

On-site educational workshops

Educational seminars on derivatives held at the Montréal Exchange, followed by a visit of the Market Operations facility.

In-class seminars

Participation of a representative from the Montréal Exchange as a guest speaker in lectures focused on portfolio management, risk management, financial derivatives, and trading.

General seminar

Faculty-wide seminar aimed at providing a more general overview of the Montréal Exchange, its activities and products.


Reception to be held at the university hosted by the Montréal Exchange in order to provide networking opportunities between students and employees from The Montréal Exchange. All sectors of activities would be represented including Financial Markets, Information Technology, Human Resources and Market Operations.

Sponsorship of trading simulation

Financial contribution offered by the Montréal Exchange to the organization of a trading simulation. The Montréal Exchange also commit to being on site the day of the event to support the participating teams.