Canadian Derivatives Exchange*


2017 circulars

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Date Number Title
2017-01-20 014-17 Anticipated Contract Adjustment Milestone Apartments REIT (MST) - Plan of arrangement
2017-01-17 013-17 Self-Certification - Amendments to Articles 6676, 6791, 6795 and 6795.2 of the Rules of Bourse de Montreal Inc. to Adopt a new Foreign Exchange Rate Fixing to Determine the Final Settlement Price of Currency Options
2017-01-17 012-17 Disciplinary Decision - Offer of Settlement - ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago LLC
2017-01-16 011-17 Re-Introduction of an Option Class Paramount Resources Ltd. (POU)
2017-01-13 010-17 Appointment of the Vice President and Chief Regulatory Officer of Bourse de Montréal Inc.
2017-01-13 009-17 Position Limits for Share Futures Contracts
2017-01-13 008-17 Position Limits - Stock and Trust Unit Options, Exchange Traded Fund Unit Options, Sector Index Options, Index Options Currency Options
Annex 1
2017-01-11 007-17 Final Contract Adjustment Horizons ETFs (HOU, HOD, HNU, HND, HXU, HXD, HFU, HFD, HEU, HED, HGU, HGD, HIX) - CUSIP and Name Change - (Follow-up)
2017-01-11 006-17 Position Limits – Futures Contracts and Options on Futures Contracts
Annex 1
2017-01-10 005-17 Final Contract Adjustment Paramount Resources Ltd. (POU) - Spin-Off (Follow-Up)
2017-01-05 004-17 List of Deliverable Canadian Government Bond Issues for the LGB, CGB, CGF and CGZ Futures Contracts
Annex 1
2017-01-05 003-17 Name Change - HudBay Minerals Inc.
2017-01-04 002-17 Final Contract Adjustment Open Text Corporation (OTC) Stock Split
2017-01-04 001-17 Final Contract Adjustment Paramount Resources Ltd. (POU) Spin-Off