Interest Rate Options: Broker Contact Information

Here is a list of executing brokers that can facilitate client trades on MX's interest rate options product suite.

FirmContactLocationPhone NumberOptions on Three-Month CORRA Futures (OCR)Options on Government of Canada Bond Futures - Two-Year (OGZ)Options on Government of Canada Bond Futures - Five-Year (OGF)Options on Government of Canada Bond Futures - Ten-Year (OGB)
BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. Brad Wishak Toronto, Canada (416) 359-7729
(416) 359-7091
DRW Investments LLC DJ Benolken Chicago, USA (312) 637-7585 N/A N/A N/A
R.J O'Brien & Associates Canada Inc. Institutional Sales Toronto, Canada Toronto:
(416) 214-7918
(514) 218-6892
Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets Stéphane Rozier Montreal, Canada (514) 878-7724
Société Générale Capital Canada Inc. Daniel Cutts Toronto, Canada (416) 682-5129
TD Securities Todd Houghton Toronto, Canada (416) 983-5100