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Option Matters

The Montréal Exchange is Canada's leading derivatives exchange, and is a blog about the Canadian options market. Options are versatile yet complex financial instruments. The blog features posts from various well-established industry experts detailing the benefits and risks of exchange-listed options and giving market participants more insight into the opportunities they offer in today's financial markets.

Guides and Strategies

Have you ever heard of an option strategy, but did not know what it was or why traders use it? No problem! Consult our Guides and Strategies library of option strategies to learn all about it. You can even review all the ins and outs of the strategy for a better investment decision. So don't wait any longer; learning about options will give you options!

Options Education Days

For the past decade, the Montréal Exchange has been offering full-day conferences in major Canadian cities to help traders get started with options. Options Education Days have two streams of learning tailored to different levels of knowledge on options. One is geared toward beginners, providing attendees with an introduction to options trading, terminology, essential concepts and an overview of basic option strategies. The other stream is for investors with more investment knowledge, and covers topics including advanced option strategies and concepts, such as the Greeks and volatility. Stay tuned on our website and social media for the next Options Education Day in your hometown!

Covered Call Screener

The covered call is one of the most widely used option strategies. There are even ETFs that use covered calls to help boost returns and reduce risk. Nevertheless, it would be a formidable task for an investor to try to go through every strike price and expiry. This is why the Montréal Exchange has created the covered call screener. The screener is designed to help you filter out the noise and find only those option lines that meet your desired levels of premium yield and potential gains. Start trading covered calls!

TMX Trading Simulator

Welcome to the virtual world of Canadian stocks and options. Using this trading simulator, you can try out any option strategy, risk free! Set up an options trade and monitor how it evolves over time. Practice, take notes and learn from your mistakes. At the same time, take advantage of all the Montréal Exchange has to offer in terms of options educational material and resources. Once you're ready, you can set up your trading account with any one of our online brokers. Get started now!

Options Calculator

Are you overpaying for your options? What is the theoretical price of the call you just bought? Do you know how much profit you stand to make if the stock price goes up 10%? Or, how much time value you will lose per day if the stock doesn't start gaining some traction? You can find answers to these questions and more using an options calculator. Whether you are looking at a stock or an ETF (exchange-traded fund) option, this options calculator will be up to the task. Best of all, it is linked to the Montréal Exchange's entire repertory of option lines, so you will not have to enter all the option fields one by one. Try it now!